Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you charge?

Please see prices

2. Do you teach automatic?

Although we don't currently have any automatic cars, we're happy to give a lesson in your own automatic car

3. Can I be picked up from work and then dropped off at home?

Yes, we're happy to pickup from one location and to be dropped off at another. Just make sure this is arranged prior to the day of your lesson, as it may not be possible if you ask during a lesson.

4. Can I pay with a card?

Currently we don't take card payments but we except cash, cheques or bank transfers.

5. Can I have lessons in my own car?


If you have not driven before, we would want you to get to a safe level of driving by using our dual-controlled cars first.


Once it's agreed your at safe level of driving, we can then proceed in you own car. This is for everyones safety and also it gives you peace of mind, making mistakes within a safe environment.